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Golf Works Ltd is the leading Golf-specific Physiotherapy Clinic in New Zealand specializing in the physical health and performance of golfers (and non-golfers alike) since 2004. We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment. At Golf Works Ltd, your health is our number one priority, and we make sure we work to meet all your needs to help you achieve physical longevity.

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About Us

Trevor is New Zealand-trained physiotherapist who holds an undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy, a postgraduate diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy, a postgraduate certificate in acupuncture and a Masters of Health Science (1st Class Hons) from the Auckland University of Technology. He qualified in 1996 and has owned a physiotherapy practice since 1997. Since graduating Trevor has developed a comprehensive tool kit to help him solve difficult musculoskeletal problems in both the golfer and non-golfer alike. Trevor is currently one of the highest TPI certified Medical Professional in Australasia.
Trevor is the founder of Golf Works Ltd  in New Zealand which has been providing golf-specific physiotherapy and training programmes for touring professional and elite amateur and club golfers since 1998 when he was asked to be the physiotherapist at the World Cup of Golf at Gulf Harbour Country Club. Since then he has worked with a large number of golfers, including professionals on the US, European, Asian and Australasian PGA tours.
Trevor's passion for problem solving and his diverse range of physiotherapy skill sets to help golfers 'Maximize their Swing Potential',  providing all levels of golfers with bodies that will help them to optimize their golf swings and help them to realize their golfing potential.
Trevor has taught over 150 courses in New Zealand and Australia since 2006 on the use of segmental and dry needling to assist in resolving difficult musculoskeletal conditions. Trevor has worked on the NZPGA Golf Coach Trainee programme and has provided services to the New Zealand Golf high performance squads and New Zealand's top golf coaches regularly since 2003. Trevor’s Master’s thesis focused on the effects that alterations in set up posture have on a golfer’s ability to develop X-factor in the golf swing. Trevor was privileged to be accepted to speak on the topic at the World Golf Fitness Summit in Orlando, Florida in 2010 and again in 2012.


General Physical Therapy

Despite having a bias toward golf (hence the name) our friendly and experienced staff at Golf Works Ltd will help you with any musculoskeletal condition. We have a particular interest in injuries that have been around a long time that often respond well to a slightly 'outside the box' approach. Feel free to email, ring or message for an appointment or stop by anytime - we are happy to help get you back up and running.

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Golf Specific Physiotherapy

A typical initial appointment is one hour in duration and involves undertaking a golf-specific biomechanical assessment. This assessment is a modified version of the Golf screen from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and is used to identify key limitations that often form the basis of the client’s current swing characteristics (swing faults or habits). In addition the assessment is also designed to identify injury or dysfunction to key areas of the body that should be addressed to prevent further injury. Each test is scored, the total of which will give the client a body handicap (like a golf handicap). Those tests that score the highest or any current injuries will be addressed first using a range of physiotherapy treatment tools and rehabilitation exercises (in the form of a daily exercise programme) which are utilized to correct or improve these limitations.

Barring injury, the client is usually seen on a four-weekly basis for an update session to reassess the tests that they have been given exercises to work on. At that stage the client will be issued with a provisional body handicap and their exercises corrected and progressed. After two update sessions the client will undertake a full assessment again and get a full body handicap.

The goal is to get the client’s body handicap as low as possible - the lower the body handicap, the lower the risk of developing golf-related injuries. Furthermore, as the body is an integral part of the golf swing, the lower the body handicap, the less likely that undesirable swing characteristics will continue to frustrate the client and their golf coach.

Communication with the clients’ golf coach is an integral part of the process. It is preferable (but not essential) that the client bring their coach with them to the initial session. Undesirable swing characteristics or swing faults that may be causing pain or dysfunction are often due to poor body mechanics which can be discussed in-depth with the client's golf coach within the session.

Golf Works Ltd is proud to be closely associated with a range of health and training professionals who we consider industry leaders in their respective fields. These people provide services that are integral to the ongoing development of skill sets vital to players whose goal is to achieve success both on and off the golf course.

Who Will it Benefit?

  • Golfers of all ages and levels who want to improve their game

  • Touring professionals that need to perform weekly on tour without breaking down

  • Golfers with injuries that affect their game

  • Golfers with old injuries who need rehabilitation

Physical Therapist

Dry Needling and Segmental Needling

Dry needling and segmental needling are incredibly useful therapeutic tools that are part of the comprehensive 'tool kit' our experienced staff can utilize to help with  rehabilitation of your injury. Patients are seeking this approach in ever-increasing numbers as they realize the therapeutic benefits that these techniques can garner. We will discuss with you whether we think needling would be useful as part of your overall treatment plan.

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